What is the process to get started?

Each client will be set up with a consultation. We will go over the 716 Dog Pack Packet on dog walking. From there, we will set up a time to assess your dog’s socialization level. I may suggest further training before entering the pack.

My dog isn’t good with other dogs, could he still be part of the pack?

I have found that many dogs need the right environment to thrive socially. We slowly introduce dogs into the pack. The walk is a structured environment, which allows dogs to feel safe. Please give us a call to get started.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice if you are looking to cancel a walk.

Do I need to be home for a pick up or drop off?

Many of my clients are not home at the time of pick up or drop off. They provide me with keys or entry codes to get into the house. I can provide references to anyone interested in giving out keys as well.

What time is pick up/drop off?

It truly depends on the day, the traffic, if the dog needs a slower entry, if we are starting a new dog etc etc. But, depending on your neighborhood, the pick up times and drop off times should stay the same.

Currently it is:
MWF North Buffalo P/U 11:30-1:30, D/O 1:30-3:00 & East Amherst P/U 2:00-3:30, D/O 3:30-5:30
T, TH Tonawanda P/U 11:30-1:30, D/O 1:30-3:00

What if you don’t walk in my neighborhood?

We are always looking to expand the pack. We are hoping to open up to new neighborhoods. Please contact us so that we know of your interest. We may be able to accommodate you!

What happens if it rains?

We walk rain or shine. As most of you know, Buffalo weather is tricky. There have been a few times in the summer and winter that the conditions get too heavy and we have cancelled. This is rare.