716 Dog Pack Prices

Daily Pack Walks  |  $35 per dog; $30 for additional sibling
We pick up the dogs, walk for an hour and drop them off. No effort on your part. We make sure your dog gets out and enjoys the day. They will come home tired and happy.

Dog sitting | $40 per night for 1 dog; $60 for 2 siblings
We offer dog sitting as well. Currently, we do not do in home sitting. It is only offered in the dog trainer/walker’s home. This way we have more of an opportunity to keep an eye on them and they do not sleep alone.

Monthly Pack Hikes | $50 for 1 dog; $75 for 2 siblings
Weekend hiking is offered once a month. It is offered to those dogs who have signed up for pack walking. Before taking your dog out on a hike, we like to get to know them socially. This way the hike is a safer trip for your pup.

Dog Training | $25 consultation | $100 per lesson
Meeting with the Dog Owner, family and Dog to teach the Place board command, learn leash skills, respect around doorways, and important concepts establishing leadership. Follow up sessions will focus on progress that has been made in the above-mentioned areas. Minimum number of sessions will be 4.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations require 48 hours’ notice or are subject to $25 cancellation fee.